10 Top Tips to a Tip Top Back

September 23, 2011 Back Pain

Most common in men and women aged 30 – 50, but striking at any point in your life, back pain is a real pain in the back! But follow these 10 Top Tips to a Tip Top Back and start easing your stresses and strains…

1.                 Diet. Eating a healthy diet and maintaining a trim waist line works wonders for your back!
2.                 Gentle Exercise. Keeping active ensures your back stays flexible and less likely to stiffen up, causing added pain. Find something you enjoy and improve your fitness and discomfort!
3.                 Bodywork. Physical therapy, massages, chiropractic and osteopathy treatment encourages flexibility, coordination and importantly, posture.
4.                 Yoga. Yoga focuses on fluidity, flexibility and breathing. It unwinds the tightness in your muscles and allows you to relax your strained back.
5.                 Sleep. After all that exercise, you should sleep like a log! However, you must have a firm mattress that supports your body and prevents your spine from curving. Check your pillow too, if it is too steep, you’ll be craning your neck and causing unnecessary strain and pain.
6.                 Painkillers. Over the counter pain relief, such as ibuprofen, aspirin or paracetamol can ease your bad back and make daily tasks so much easier.
7.                 Natural Supplements. Inexpensive and easy to fit in to your daily routine, supplements like vitamin C, zinc, flaxseed oil, glucosamine, calcium and magnesium can all benefit sufferers of a bad back.
8.                 Hot and Cold. Heat packs and hot water bottles unwind cramping and spasms of the muscles whilst cold packs or ice/frozen peas reduce inflammation and swelling.
9.                 Relax in the Bath. Yes, a warm, bubbly bath can not only sooth your senses and unwind your mind, the heat manipulates your muscles and eases tension, increasing your circulation and relaxing your back. Enjoy!
10.             Posture. With over 75% of workers spending about 7 hours a day sitting at a desk or likewise in a non orthopaedic chair, it’s no wonder four out of five adults suffer from back pain. Having the correct posture and support whilst sitting is essential in maintaining a strong, healthy back. Whether at home or at work, ergonomic chairs and orthopaedic chairs can make a world of difference to your bad back.


So what are you waiting for? Take control of your back pain today and take control of your life.

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