10 Reasons Why We Should ALL Use A Height Adjustable Desk

March 10, 2010 Accessories, Ergonomics

Height adjustable desk

Here is a strange question for you. What is the best ever Scandinavian export? Abba? Volvo? Bacon? Well, as a Led Zeppelin loving, Jaguar driving, vegetarian none of these really do it for me.

However there is one invention that would be top of my list without question. It’s not well known in the UK but throughout Europe it is used extensively as a standard piece of office equipment and in my mind it is one of the best Scandinavian exports ever.

Don’t be disappointed now but it’s a Height Adjustable Desk and it can completely transform your life – it did mine!

Let me give you 10 reasons why I think everyone should have a height adjustable desk:

  1. Scandinavian studies show significantly reduced back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders for regular users;
  2. It can be used by multiple users and is ideal for a mobile workforce of different shapes and sizes;
  3. For users who alternate between sitting & standing whilst working, their body will feel less tired & their blood circulation will greatly improve;
  4. Height adjustable desking is fully DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant and perfect for wheelchair users;
  5. Productivity increases as people tend to function better when they are more vertical, healthier and comfortable;
  6. Height adjustable desks are more stable, have thicker tops (normally 25mm) and are much harder wearing than standard desks with a good one easily lasting 10-15 years;
  7. Although more expensive than standard desks, if an employee is off sick with a back problem they tend to be off for weeks not days. Height adjustable desks significantly reduces instances of back problems and hence absenteeism;
  8. Buying a height adjustable desk for an employee will make them feel more valued and show the company as a caring firm whilst at the same time improving productivity and reducing absenteeism;
  9. With adjustments from 650mm (for the very small) to 1.2mm (for the standing or extremely tall) height adjustable desks can be used by any person for any purpose;
  10. For users with existing back problems, using a height adjustable desk in a sit-stand environment will, over a period of time, reduce back problems as the spine is designed to be in a “S” curve & standing really helps this.

Even after 2 back operations I still suffered from lower back pain almost on a daily basis. After using a height adjustable desk for just a few weeks my back pain eased and now – five years later – I feel fitter than I have done since I was at school.

A height adjustable desk would greatly improve the well-being of thousands of back sufferers and if they were used as the norm just think how many back problems could be prevented in the first place?

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