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What does Ergonomics means?

Ergonomics as a word means natural work and in essence that’s what it is. It’s the study of how the body should be positioned when working in order to prevent any unnatural and therefore unhealthy issues.
It often relates to posture when seated. Ergonomic products can include chairs, desks, supportive equipment such as pads and mouse mats as well as equipment like ergonomic mice, keyboards and screen covers.

Ergonomic Products

At VergoUK we’re focused on your well-being with a range of ergonomic products and ergonomic equipment to help you work in comfort. We only work with the best suppliers and fully research the products we provide so we can ensure the best quality.

From our experience in providing DSE assessments throughout the UK and Yorkshire, we can advise which products would be best suited for your needs and then from our range of over 100 ergonomic products we can supply, install and instruct on how you should use them. Our Activ range of seating is endorsed and approved by leading physiotherapist Rosemary Quinn.

We are DSE Assessment provider in Leeds, Yorkshire for office and ergonomic assessments
We’re so dedicated to providing the best ergonomic products and service that we can we actually have a specialist Ergonomics Team in place and dedicated site for ergonomic chairs, Take a look at some of our products or contact us for a full ergonomic brochure.