How Does It Work?

We are regularly asked how often risk assessments of DSE workstations should be done and the answer is straight forward enough:

An assessment should be done when a new workstation is set up, when a new user starts work, or when a substantial change is made to an existing office workstation (or the way it is used). Assessments should be repeated if there is any reason to suspect they may no longer be valid – for example, if users start complaining of pain or discomfort.

Our experience working with businesses like Manchester Metropolitan University, BAE Systems and Marie Curie helps us provide the advice and support you need to tackle posture and musculoskeletal issues at work.

This adds value to your business reducing time out and providing solutions for your office environment with both on-site and telephone support.

So how does it work?

Workstation Assessment

Our friendly ergonomic experts can come to your place of work to assess your workstations and guide you to solutions to meet DSE regulations and enable your staff to maintain a comfortable working posture.

We have assessors throughout the UK.

Ergonomic Equipment Selection

Following our Reactive DSE Assessment we will make any needs based product recommendations our assessors identify. If you’ve already had an in-house assessment completed, we can help you select the right product for your needs either through our informative online resources and product presentations, by phone, or face-to-face.

You will find a sample range of products on this website and our full product offering in our brochure and if you have a specific requirement that is not illustrated, get in touch and we will see what we can arrange.

Workstation Equipment Set-Up

Once you have ordered your ergonomic equipment, our experts can visit your organisation’s premises to ensure it is set up correctly.

We maintain that incorrectly set up equipment will not give the user the full health benefit. But that’s not a problem when your organisation chooses VergoUK.

What happens during a DSE Assessment?

Following a referral by a Health and Safety or Occupational Health department to respond to a staff member’s issue, one of our highly experienced DSE Assessors will visit the user at their place of work and run through the assessment which explores medical history, working patterns and workspace solutions. This typically takes 30-45 minutes.

This is followed up with a written report providing a detailed overview of the working conditions and challenges faced by the user, together with any necessary recommendations to help alleviate the issues.

Reactive DSE assessments throughout the UK can usually be arranged within 5 working days, so just give us a call on 08435 150 907 or email us at

You can also choose from over 100 products in our Ergonomic catalogue or call for specific advice.

We have a range of DSE assessment services that could help your business:

Reactive DSE Assessment

Referred by Health and Safety or Occupational Health to respond to a staff member’s issue.
Time: 20-30 minutes

Ergonomic Workplace Assessment

Explores medical history, working patterns and workspace solutions. Provides a detailed report and recommendations.
Time: 30-45 minutes

Visit our Assessment Suite

VergoUK offers our clients the opportunity to visit our showroom if they’d prefer to try a range of chairs, desks and accessory solutions prior to making a decision. Guided by one of our Ergonomics Team, discover how we can make your day more comfortable and productive. Just call today to arrange an appointment on 08435 150907.

Get in touch:

DSE assessments throughout the UK can usually be arranged within 5 working days, so just give us a call.