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DSE assessment provider for Sage


Sage Accountancy Systems


June 2017

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VERGO UK has become a trusted business partner for international accounting service, SAGE, helping it boost productivity by ensuring its colleagues are sitting comfortably.

Sean Hunter is Facilities Management Administrator at the Newcastle offices and turned to Vergo UK a year ago. Responsible for the workplace health of so many people Sean was looking for a DSE assessment provider he could rely on to provide sound reports and impartial advice about equipment.

Invited to take part in a trial

Initially invited to take part in a trial, Vergo UK has now become the company’s preferred provider at its Newcastle offices thanks to the great service they have delivered.

“We invited Vergo UK to provide DSE assessments on a trial basis. Initially I was attracted to them because they have local assessors and could be on site quickly. That’s important if a colleague is in pain.

“Their assessor will provide a written report including an impartial recommendation about equipment that may solve any long term problems. But where Vergo UK are different from other suppliers is the on the spot advice they will give to a colleague suggesting alternative solutions that will provide instant results,” he said.

What sets Vergo UK apart

“Being trained and experienced, they can see other issues than furniture which may be causing health problems. Immediately they will offer suggestions that could improve health. This could include advice to the colleague about their posture or the position of their seat or where they position the monitor on their desk.” he added.

“That sets them apart from other providers we have used and it is why they are now our number one DSE assessment provider.”

Employing so many people in sedentary roles, Sage wants to ensure that they are healthy and comfortable when working.

Back pain can cause loss of productivity

“That’s important to us as a business because back pain can cause loss of productivity. Vergo UK have helped reduce discomfort for our colleagues and provide us with a great service. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses,” he said.


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